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With a professionally prepared will, you leave clear direction for the dispensation of your assets. You will vest a person with the authority to discharge your wishes with minimal court intervention and a corresponding decrease in legal costs. You and your estate planning attorney will also specify who will receive what from your estate. If necessary, you will also decide who to exclude from your estate's assets as well. If you have minor children, you will specify who will serve as their guardian and be responsible for their care and custody. As well as the person that will be responsible for safe keeping any property you left them during their minority. Don’t leave these important decisions up to a court after your passing. Make your wishes clear.

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Kevin B.

This has been an awesome experience from beginning to end. The Gravis Law team was super helpful in helping us wrestle throughout all the aspects of our estate plan. Their knowledge of estate and wills were very obvious from the beginning and we are thankful for her and their staff’s expertise. Thank you so much!


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