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Probate is the legal process in which a court formally recognizes a deceased person’s last will and testament (if there is a will). The court also appoints a personal representative (PR) of the estate to wind up the decedent’s affairs. The (PR) must inventory and value the decedent’s property, and then make arrangement to pay the decedent’s debts before distributing the remaining property to the beneficiaries as directed by the will(or state laws if there is no will). Probate can be accomplished in a matter of months, or may take years, depending on the nature of the estate, claims against the estate, and the actions of the beneficiaries. If this process sounds complicated and tricky, that’s because it can be. A professional probate law practitioner will help you work through this process. Don’t do this alone, get help.

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Kevin B.

This has been an awesome experience from beginning to end. The Gravis Law team was super helpful in helping us wrestle throughout all the aspects of our estate plan. Their knowledge of estate and wills were very obvious from the beginning and we are thankful for her and their staff’s expertise. Thank you so much!


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