Kiersten Molcak


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Kiersten Molcak is a proud Canadian who came to work at Gravis after graduating from the University of Idaho with her J.D. She grew up in Calgary, Alberta, where she graduated from Mount Royal University with a Bachelor of Business Administration and a double minor in International Relations and Anthropology. Kiersten has always been driven to become a lawyer, and even completed a fast-tracked one-year diploma in Professional Legal Assisting before attending law school. Her interests in law focus around all things Estate Planning, Probate, and Guardianship Law.

Outside of work Kiersten loves spending time with her close-knit family, and is very active in sports; playing basketball, volleyball, and pickleball. Kiersten also really enjoys music and has a deep love for animals. In Canada, during her spare time, she worked as an Animal Therapy team with her dog Dane. They visited elderly care facilities to spread some doggy love. It is Kiersten’s dream to one day open her own dog rescue and sanctuary.